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虽然叫永久笔记permanent note,但个人理解其实更贴切的翻译是常青笔记evergreen note。一来,根据形式,和闪念笔记文献笔记区分开。二来,根据目的,它是永恒且发展的,能为将来所用的永久笔记。






The cards folder is one of my favorite places because it hasumami. Apparently umami is one of the five basic tastes. There are: Sweetness, Sourness, Saltiness, Bitterness—and that oddball Umami.

Umami is hard to describe but you know when it’s there. The same is true of this folder’s contents. It’s a mixture of insights and ideas, concepts and connections, all mingling together to create that mysterious full mouthfeel that magnificently completes any meal for the mind.

So, what are “cards”? Anything that is a bit of knowledge that you might call a “thing” or a “statement about things”.

Yes, the definition is not rigid, but it works.

Over time, you may have a few subfolders here too. I have a “People” subfolder. If I was an amateur chef with a growing number of recipe notes, I’d put a “Recipes” folder here. If I was making building a personal library of important exercises, I’d likely make an “Exercises” folder.

[[ Information that crosses our attentional filter becomes knowledge ]].


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