obsidian - shimmering 主题

GitHub - chrisgrieser/shimmering-focus: A minimalistic Obsidian theme focused on readability and condensed information display

The following CSS classes are built in with this theme:

General Purpose

  • cssclass: clean-embeds: Embeds (嵌入) in that note are fully embedded (嵌入) , looking like one document.
  • cssclass: list-2-col-cards: Lists will become cards separated into two columns.
  • cssclass: no-inline-backlinks: Do not display inline backlinks for that note.
  • cssclass: no-floating-metadata: Show the Metadata (元) Block and YAML frontmatter in Preview (预览) Mode permanently (永久) in full.
  • cssclass: tags-in-gutter: In Preview (预览) Mode, shows tags in the gutter (排水沟) .
  • cssclass: full-width: Use the full width (宽度) , i.e., turn of readable (可读性) line length for that note.


  • cssclass: dataview-list-in-table: If you are using a dataview query where some table cells contain lists, use this CSS class to remove the vertical table lines that are off.
  • cssclass: remove-dataview-title: Removes the title created by some dataview queries.

Writing & Academic

  • cssclass: writing: Applies alternate (互生) note styling for writers. See here for more information (requires Obsidian 0.13.23).
  • cssclass: bibliography-list: In preview (预览) mode, list items are formatted like an academic bibliography (书目) .